Gracefully Elongated Limbs Stretch and Bend in Isabel Miramontes’s Figurative Sculptures

APRIL 12, 2023

Allez Viens - Isabel Miramontes

With a flair for dramatic contortions of the human body, Spanish artist Isabel Miramontes (previously) casts elongated limbs and impossibly stretched torsos in bronze. Many of her elegant sculptures depict androgynous figures with no discernable gender or clothing who are caught in the midst of movement.  Expressive and exaggerated, the figures evoke the distinct tension between corporeal limitation and liberation.

In “Come On,” for example, one subject attempts to pull another from their collapsed position on the floor, while other works feature characters with segmented bodies or heads attached to an upper arm rather than a neck. The latter emphasizes the ephemeral aspects of both motion and the flesh, showing that each will ultimately disappear into memory.

Modus Vivendi - Isabel Miramontes
A Main Levee - Isabel Miramontes
Grand Pas - Isabel Miramontes


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