OCTOBER 25, 2021

His name is Miles Jaffe and he is a contemporary artist who has shown his works all over the world. His large-scale sculptures poke fun at society with his always straightforward and humorous style but his works are more than just a good laugh they are representative of a deeper understanding of the world.


After reading through Miles’s bio on his website I saw even deeper into his works and saw a bit of myself in his thought process. He talks about when he was young and how he would constantly take apart things to learn how they work, no real need to know it was just pure curiosity. This curiosity to understand the things around him extends outside the physical world. Seeking out to understand the world around him in a deeper way, from the behavior of people and economics.


A perfect example of his style is the series Matchbooks which represents an alternate reality. What if Keith Haring never became an artist, and Banksy, or Jackson Pollock, what would they do for work? Well, Miles gives us his idea on what they might be doing for work and how they would advertise in the opening of matchbooks! Scroll down to find out and view more on his website here.

Bag It And Tag It - Miles Jaffe
Call Jackson Red - Miles Jaffe
Got Rats A - Miles Jaffe
Hock's Pool Servic - Miles Jaffe
Magritte Hats Haberdashery - Miles Jaffe
Josef's Interiors - Miles Jaffe
Fruit Market - Miles Jaffe
Members Only - Miles Jaffe


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