Pensive Faces Peer Out From the Pages of Bronze Book Sculptures by Paola Grizi

FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Chute - Paola Grizi

Italian sculptor Paola Grizi creates bronze sculptures of faces emerging from the tousled pages of books, often with an exposed hand that appears to gently push aside the pages. Some of the pieces are sculpted as traditional novels, while others are more abstract— bronze pieces of paper folded and stacked in cube-like formations. The enduring metal works are meant honor the physicality of printed materials, resources which are quickly being lost due to the ease and immediacy of technological devices. You can see more of Grizi’s literary sculptures on Instagram.  (via My Modern Met)

Marque Page - Paola Grizi
Guess - Paola Grizi
Cubic - Paola Grizi
Ouverture - Paola Grizi
Secret - Paola Grizi
Lecture Multiple - Paola Grizi
Tribus - Paola Grizi
Tris - Paola Grizi
Pages Blanches - Paola Grizi
Qui Est Le Lecteur - Paola Grizi


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