Wire Work, between sculpture and drawing by Lene Kilde

Giulia Pacciardi

Muddy Heels - Lene Kilde

Lene Kilde, product designer born and raised in Rælingen, a small town on the outskirts of Oslo, creates sculptures that look like drawings called: Wire work, between sculpture and drawing.

Carry On - Lene Kilde

Drawings that are more like sketches, that look like incomplete and deliberately unfinished.
Lene is inspired by the children’s emotion, by the way they see things and do them.
Her sculptures are characterized by a pure minimalism, they are almost entirely created in metal mesh and focused on some parts of the body.
Hands and feet, in fact, are the protagonists of her works.
Everything else, however, is left to the imagination of the viewer.

The Orange Dress - Lene Kilde


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