Artist Lene Kilde Creates “Incomplete” Sculptures That Capture The Personalities Of Children

Shy Shing - Lene Kilde

They say that when artwork is complete you can see how the artist has bound all the elements together. Apparently, harmony of elements is an essential feature to convey the artist’s message to the viewers. However, Norwegian artist Lene Kilde breaks the norm by creating incomplete sculptures. Each of her piece clearly lacks some solid elements to make the sculpture whole. But that’s the idea behind her unique art style.

At first glance, you may instantly recognize that her sculptures have missing parts. The cement-sculpted limbs and colored metal mesh fabric somewhat give you an idea of what the main subject is. Inspired by the playful and wholesome personalities of children, Lene Kilde brilliantly uses concrete, metal mesh and air to depict the pure spirits of her subjects. With only the hands and feet, without the head and the torso, how can someone portray the emotions of the subject to the viewer?

Norwegian Artist Lene Kilde Creates ‘Incomplete’ Sculptures Of Children

Lucky Charms - Lene Kilde
Let‘s Eat Cake - Lene Kilde

Each Piece Of Art Has A Story Behind It

While it’s true that facial expression is the easiest way to convey non-verbal messages, Lene Kilde did the most unthinkable by taking out that very important element from her sculptures. Tiny hands and feet connected by incomplete clothing, one might think that the piece was only half-done. But despite the lacking details, the arrangement of the parts in various poses strongly portrays the playful and timid characters of children. By adding props such as toys, microphones, books, lollipops and more, it’s like each piece tells an interesting hidden story.

Lady Butterfly - Lene Kilde

The Viewer Perception Of The Art Is Important

Lene Kilde is one of the few artists who let the viewers use their imagination to complete the visual gap. There’s a story behind every masterpiece and that story is up to the viewers to make. Hence, the viewer becomes an integral part of the sculpture in order to make it complete. Check out and follow the artist on Instagram to see her entire amazing portfolio of incomplete sculptures.

Ladybugs And Feathers - Lene Kilde

As You Can See The Sculptures Are Very Unique


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